When will the Treasury return my money? | Loans

Perhaps your income statement is one that has a ‘happy ending’. Yes, it has come back to you. However, the days pass and the money does not wake up on its own. For those who despair, from our loan comparator we will tell you how they can find out about the status of their repayment.

The truth is that although, unfortunately, you can not hurry the Tax Agency, at least there is a method to know how much is left for the income of that money for which we already have thousands of plans.

1.430 million euros already returned

1.430 million euros already returned

The truth is that the Tax Agency fumes, as it has already returned 1,430 million euros to 2.2 million taxpayers during the first month of the 2015 IRPF telematic campaign. That is, more than three out of four applications made to date They have already paid, which is not bad, right?

In this sense, the Administration has been conducted quite diligently, because just 48 hours after the start of the Income campaign, the Tax Agency was already processing the first returns.

Therefore, if curiosity can help us, we must access the organism page. Once inside, we will click on the unequivocal section ‘Return consultation’.

To enter, we must identify ourselves in one of three ways:

  • Through the digital certificate or electronic ID
  • With Cl @ ve PIN
  • Entering the NIF, first name and the reference of the draft / declaration of the year 2015 (this consists of 6 characters).

Once identified, we can find different states in our statement:

  • “Your statement is being processed”
  • “Your statement is being checked”
  • “Your statement has been processed by the Tax Management bodies, estimated according to the refund requested by you.”

If no incidents have been observed, we will be informed in an indicative manner about the probable date of return of the money in our account.

Why is it delayed? Is there a maximum term for the return?


Sometimes the delay is due to the complexity of certain statements or the detection of mismatches between the statements and the tax inspection.

However, the Tax Agency has a maximum of six months to return the money to taxpayers. Although we find cases that exceed that time and if it is due to a cause attributable to the Administration, it must pay interest.

“The tax delay interest will be applied to the amount pending repayment from the day following the end of said term and until the date of payment order, without the need for the taxpayer to request it,” says its regulations.

Can the income statement be submitted after the deadline?

Can the income statement be submitted after the deadline?

One of the recurring questions, in addition to the one already addressed, is either it is possible to submit the declaration even if the deadline for doing so has expired. To this we can answer affirmatively, although it presents some peculiarities with respect to those that have been presented in time. Do we see them?

The truth is that the matter varies depending on whether our statement goes to pay or return:

  • To turn off. In this case, we run into the following scenarios based on the more or less late we have been in presenting it:

-In the three months following June 30: 5% of the amount to be paid

– Between 3 and 6 months: we will be fined 10% of the amount to be paid

– Between 6 and 12 months: 15% of the amount to be paid.

-More than 12 months: 20% of the amount to be paid plus late payment interest.

  • To return. The maximum penalty will reach 100 euros.

In sum, the dismissals are paid. Therefore, we better keep an eye on the beginning and end of the Income campaign that, by the way, ends today on June 30. So we recommend adding the important appointment in our taxpayer calendars so that the ‘scratch’ in your pocket does not get worse.

I got paid, how do I pay my debt to the Tax Agency?

I got paid, how do I pay my debt to the Tax Agency?

This is another of the famous questions we face when we discover that we owe money to the Administration and that our coffers are not for many parties.

If you are in this situation, you can choose to split the payment and even request a deferral. If you opt for the former, you will see that it is very simple, because you only have to indicate it in your statement. By the way, the first payment is the strongest, since it involves the disbursement of 60% of the payment, while the second, which you must pay before November 7, is the rest of the debt you have with the Treasury.

On the other hand, if your financial situation does not allow you to face your payment even in a fractional way, you can request a postponement at the AEAT Electronic Headquarters, although you must present firm causes that justify it.

Keep in mind that in cases of deferment of debts greater than 6,000 euros you will be required to guarantee, mortgage, pledge or personal guarantee.