Denmark’s quickest loan

Lender is a newer Danish online credit provider. At Lender you have the opportunity to get a credit of between 3,000 and 15,000 kroner. The set-up fee is DKK 495, but otherwise there is no fixed monthly installment other than an interest payment of 12.5%. So you decide how you want to repay the credit within the 12-month term.

No security requirement

No security requirement

The good thing about a credit at Lender is that no collateral is required for the credit. This is a requirement that is typically seen by the banks, but which only a few Danish online loan providers make use of. When you do not have to provide collateral for the credit, you can also expect interest rates to be slightly higher than what they are in the bank.

Flexible credit at Lender – pay off at your pace

Flexible credit at Lender - pay off at your pace

One of the great advantages of choosing Lender is that there is no fixed monthly installment, in addition to an interest payment of 12.5%. This means you can pay off at your own pace. It can be particularly advantageous if your income is higher for a few months. However, you should be aware that interest is credited each month and therefore you do not pay off the credit, the credit quickly becomes very expensive.

Apply easily online

At Lender you can easily and quickly apply for a credit online through their application form. On the website you can also easily and quickly get an overview of the price through the online loan calculator. The entire application process takes place in 3 simple steps:

  1. Choose a credit amount
  2. Fill in the application & sign with your NemID (get your application answered in just 10 seconds)
  3. You will receive the money within the next working day

Along the way, you are not in dialogue with some advisors, and you can use the money for exactly what you dream and dream of.

How Much Credit Can I Get?

Although Lender offers credits of up to DKK 15,000, you may not be able to get as much in credit. The amount you can get paid depends on your credit rating. Among other things, Lender looks at the following parameters:

  • Your income
  • Age (It is a requirement that you are over 21)
  • If you are in RKI
  • Your living conditions

If you are not considered creditworthy, Lender will reject your application for a credit by them.

14 days cancellation right

14 days cancellation right

When you get a credit with Lender, you have 14 days to cancel from the day you sign the loan agreement. If you choose to make use of your right of cancellation, please note that you must repay the entire loan amount + accrued interest. When you submit your cancellation, Lender must receive the money within 30 days.